What People Say

"Jaimie, the webmaster of my online music sites, is the most amazing and talented person I am professionally associated with and words cannot express how I appreciate her. So my advise to anyone out there who needs some web work done.....HIRE HER ALREADY....SHE ROCKS!" ~ David Shelby

"Without jaimie, the tour would pobably grind to a halt. She is there 24-7 for us, and she keeps my info straight (a big job)." ~ Dave Hicks, Tour Manager for Todd Snider

"Jaimie has done a fantastic job with my band’s website. She has a lot experience in doing websites for musicians and consulted me with what I needed. She’s always warm and friendly, creative and she’s really easy to work with. Jaimie simply gets the job done and in more than a reasonable time. I couldn’t be happier that she’s taking care of my band’s website!" ~ Jim Wilpula, Saxophonist & Band Leader, Mainstreet Soul

"When I was going through a major career transition and realized that I needed a Web site to showcase myself and my work, Jaimie was the first person I thought of, and for good reason. She came up with a great design that merged her design and programming skills with my personality, resulting in a Web site that is attractive, professional, personable and full of 'me.' I've received innumerable compliments on my site, including a number of requests for referrals. I never hesitate to refer people to Jaimie, as I know she'll do a wonderful job for any client and has taken great care of the ones I've already referred to her." ~Lindsay Allen, freelance communications professional

"Jaimie knows how to create designs that will catch the public eye. My site views quickly went up once I got Jaimie's help!" ~Brian Lorente